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October 2023 FPL featuring Andy Costa

Fellowship Power Lunch - Andy Costa

Absolutely looking forward to a Fall Festival with October Fellowship Power Lunch!

Based in the vibrant heart of Dallas, Texas, we uncover a well-seasoned filmmaker and a true luminary in the world of video marketing. With an insatiable passion for storytelling and an uncanny ability to capture the essence of a brand or a narrative, transforming the art of filmmaking into an unforgettable experience.

His passion for movies led him to enroll in film school where he then found his true calling as a storyteller. His storytelling journey led him to an Emmy and multiple film and speaking awards. Today this storytelling experience combined with extensive knowledge of marketing and social media allows him to create campaigns for his clients that focus on results. His storytelling through video and film are powerful tools for businesses aiming for digital supremacy.

Please join us and meet this truly incredible gifted guest, Mr. Andy Costa, as he shares his life lessons on…” How to recognize God’s calling!”

Our veterans have given so much for our country.
Help us give back with our gratitude.

Dave Roever, Guest Speaker

Join us on November 16 at 11:00 am at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center for an inspiring event to honor our veterans.

Admission is free for veterans and their spouses.