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October 2020 Fellowship Power Lunch featuring Dean Lindsay


CREATING PROGRESS in a World of CHANGE with Award-winning Business Author, Dean Lindsay

Change happens. We can’t avoid change.

Organizations have cutbacks. New technologies are created. Markets are bear and bull. Companies merge and reorganize. Economies shift. Not to mention global pandemics!

Perfect timing for such a topic in a world of change!

Our next guest is an award-winning business author and a powerful business keynote speaker with a humorous and engaging approach.

Please help us welcome Mr. Dean Lindsay… an ‘Outstanding Thought Leader on Building Priceless Business Relationships’ by Sales and Marketing Executives International, ‘The Dean of Sales and Service’ by Business Class News, a ‘Sales and Networking Guru’ by the Dallas Business Journal, ‘a Master of Progress’ by Jay Conrad Levinson (Father of GUERRILLA MARKETING), and “America’s Progress Agent” by the The Strategic HR Forum.

He is also the author of Creating Progress in a World of Change and How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals (winner of the Business Class News Editors’ Choice Book of the Year Award).

When: October 20, 2020 11:30 am

This event has already occurred.

Our veterans have given so much for our country.
Help us give back with our gratitude.

Dave Roever, Guest Speaker

Join us on November 16 at 11:00 am at the Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center for an inspiring event to honor our veterans.

Admission is free for veterans and their spouses.